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“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


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Multimedia projection realistic book (set by "ASCREEN" in History museum, Yekaterinburg)

Kiryukhina Irina


Process equipment

Multimedia projection realistic book is a modern digital installation and at the same time owns attributes of traditional books.

How it works: The visitor turns the real page of large-format book , the camera recognizes the page numbers and a projector, also located on the top, runs the appropriate page of the pre-generated animated content .

The scope of this multimedia solutions are very wide. In museums, archives and buildings such book allow visitors to see the exact copies of the various antique collections, manuscripts , documents of national importance.

In libraries, it can be a good solution for those paper-based information sources, which due to its brittleness and fragility can not be issued on the hands, but are in great demand and are of great interest to visitors.

The book, set in the Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg , tells the story of 18th and 21st century, focusing on the history of planning decisions early in Yekaterinburg and its subsequent transformations, looked like then and now: Mining Office, factory laboratory, hospital , central square and other significant city buildings.

On the content of the book worked seven artists who create illustrations based on historical drawings, prints and other surviving images. The work of the whole installation took the company ASCREEN month and a half.


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