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November 19 - 22, 2013


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Multimedia audio guide automatic TOUR

Belova Ekaterina


Process equipment

The device can be used as an audio guide with auto / manual start and receiver system radiogida.
Allows you to get feedback from the tourists - gives the ability to record their evaluations of exhibits and tours.
Multimedia audio guides are ideal:
• projects for various excursions to the sights
• for museums and galleries (permanent collections and exhibition projects)
• Presentation and format of MICE events
• navigation and information support to users of major trade fairs.

Technical characteristics:
Support 8 languages ​​and / or package tour programs .
• Support for multimedia formats : audio, video, images , slides , as well as the text of the image .
• Three format playback of multimedia content :
• Audio commentary synchronized with the display of images ( slide show) on the screen;
• video when the video clip is played in full-screen mode ;
• audio commentary , while on the screen will show the names and numbers of exhibits
• Built-in memory of 2GB.
• Display : LCD / TFT to 65 K colors 240 x 320 ( 2.8 inch).
• Downloading content via USB- connection .
• Ability to record statistics regarding use of the device.
• Support for recording visitors' .
• Automatically switches to top tour after work.
• Ability to customize the software according to the needs of the customer.
• Ability to promote the brand of the customer:
- Accommodation on the screen of the customer brand images when turning the device ;
- Automatic start infomercial for simple audio guide in the range from 0 to 90 seconds. Movie can be played in any of the three formats. For models with automatic start video playback may be distorted signal IC- or RFID- sensors.
• Power supply : Built-in battery provided by 10 hours of continuous operation .
• Rugged , filled in ergonomic design
• Dimensions: mm 118h60h17
• Set weight with battery: 100g

Additional features:
• The user can choose their own start playback mode : manual or automatic
• Automatic start of the audio guide and navigation produced by the signals coming from the active IC and RFID- sensors
• Setting up and changing functions of audio guides is made through radio decoder
• Easy and quick to set up IC- and RFID- sensors through a special decoder device or infrared port (bluetooth).
• From the audio guides , sensors, radio decoder settings for different purposes and can form a flexible system which is able to implement a wide range of functions and specific tasks that are configured for a specific tour project
• The system can automatically detect the user's location and show its location on the map diagram exposure / route . This is shown on the screen via the " Map » («Map»)
• The system provides an audible alarm , including buzzer directly to the audio guides , attempting unauthorized removal of equipment from the territory of exposure
• The Lock- play content on the same point.


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