Joint International scientific and practical conference
“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Russain State Library
Russian State Library
Russian association of digital libraries
Russian association of digital libraries
European Union
European Commission
PIK Centre
PIK Centre
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation

List of institutions (185)

  1. Moscow State College of the Book Business and Information Technology
  2. Moscow State Esenin Museum
  3. Moscow State Forest University
  4. Moscow State Institution of Culture «Turgenev Public Library»
  5. Moscow State University of Culture and Art
  6. Moscow Technological College #14
  7. Moscow Technological College #34
  8. Municipal institution of culture «Istra Centralized Library System»
  9. Museum of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  10. Museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino
  11. National Library of Ingushetia Republic
  12. National Library of Komi
  13. National research nuclear University MEPhI
  14. National research university 'Higher school of economics'
  15. Non-Profit Partnership "The National Electronic Information Consortium"
  16. Non-Profit Partnership «Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications»
  17. Office of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Central Federal District
  18. Orel State institute of arts and culture
  19. P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University
  20. Paleontological museum named after Y.A.Orlov of Borissiak Paleontological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences
  21. Pedagogical College № 1
  22. Police College
  23. Polygraphic College #56
  24. Polytechnic College № 47
  25. Polytechnic College №19
  26. Polytechnical College #13
  27. Polytechnical College #39
  28. Project Audiogid.ru
  29. Public Budgetary Educational institution of Secondary Professional Education Polytechnical College №31
  30. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
  31. Radischev Fine Arts State Museum
  32. Reference guide of cultural establishment manager
  33. Republic Sakha (Yakutia) State Cinema Archive
  34. Research and development centre for spatial data systems «GlobalGeoContent»
  35. Russian Committee for the UNESCO Information for All Programme
  36. Russian Institute for Cultural Research
  37. Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology
  38. Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage
  39. Russian scientific and technical industrial library
  40. Russian State Art Library

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