Joint International scientific and practical conference
“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


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Russian State Library
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Russian association of digital libraries
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History EVA Moscow

         «EVA» Conferences in Moscow are being held since 1998 upon the agreement with the European Commission and at the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Up to the year 2010 the initiator and the main organizer of annual «EVA Moscow» Conferences was the Centre on the Problems of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture (PIC Centre).

         Taking into account the importance, actuality and the demand of «EVA Moscow» Conferences by the professional community, considering the necessity of keeping the tradition of its annual meetings, as well as for promotion of its status, role and significance in the cultural life of the Russia in accordance with the Resolution of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation № 498-01-64/05-AB of 31.01.2011 and upon the agreement with James Hemsley – the founder and organizer of «EVA» International conferences – authorities for conducting further «EVA Moscow» conferences were given to the Russian State Library.

         The Objectives of the Conference are: establishing connections and cooperation with Russia and Eastern Europe, from one side, and the European Union, from another side, as well as broadening of international cooperation (including UNESCO support) in the area of culture, science and education; integration of Russia in the European and world cultural environment; presentation of programs and projects of the European Commission and the Russian cultural institutions with the help of information and communication technologies and its use for keeping cultural, scientific and historic heritage.

         For the period of 1998-2004 «EVA Moscow» Conferences were held at The State Tretyakov Gallery. From 2005 through 2009 the Conferences were conducted at the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino. As of 2011 the Conference will be held at the Russian State Library.

         «EVA Moscow» is one of few conferences, integrating the experts working in quite different areas. Every year the interest to the conference enlarges the number of participants: representatives of federal and regional governmental organizations, museums, libraries, archives, scientific and research organizations, universities, cultural high schools, - step by step expanding professional boarders of cooperation and geography of participants. It is important, that representatives of the regions of Russia and CIS countries take part in the Conference. According to the results of the year 2009 there were over 60 representatives from different regions of Russia, as well as from Azerbaidzhan Republic, Republic of Belarus’, Kazakhstan Republic, Tadzhikistan Republic, and Ukraine.

         In comparison with «EVA» Conferences in other countries, «EVA Moscow» has more humanitarian, than technological character and is aimed at viewing the role and place of cultural institutions - primarily museums, libraries, archives – in the rapidly changing world, and the new objectives for the high schools preparing experts in the area of culture.

         Moscow «EVA» Conferences through these years became one of the most attended and influential events in the area of culture and technologies in Russia. The total number of participants of «EVA Moscow» from 1998 through 2009 equaled to about 7000 people. Representatives of all regions of Russia, official representatives of the European Commission, foreign delegates from the Western Europe and CIS countries participated in the work of Conferences and affiliated exhibitions; there were prepared and presented at plenary meetings, sections, seminars and published in Russian and English languages about 1500 papers. In parallel with the conference in the period of 1998 through 2009 there was organized an Exhibition «Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education» and other events.

         Beginning with the year 2000, the Conferences were conducted in tight cooperation with the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Program «Information for All» and Moscow Bureau of UNESCO.

         In 2001 in Moscow on the initiative of State Literary Museum and Moscow State Conservatoire, at financial support of the «Open Society» Institute (Fund of G. Soros in Russia) and organizational support of the Centre for Informatisation Problems in Culture (PIC Centre) of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation there was held the first All-Russian theoretical and practical conference «Echolot» on audio-culturology, audio-archivistics and new technologies. The Conference took place at the Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture and at State Literary Museum.

         During the last years the themes of the conferences became wider, than the title «Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts», and include general questions on application of new technologies in culture and art, specific projects and developments, challenges of intellectual property rights and education, international cooperation, programs and projects of the European Commission.

         Developing the main line of «EVA Moscow» Conferences – cooperation and coordination – PIC Center in 2007 brought up a new initiative on organizing of Coordination Council of Public organizations and unions in the area of culture and education with participation of representatives of different level governmental bodies in the area of culture and education management: «Formation of cultural policy and coordination of practical activities of governmental bodies, leading public unions and cultural institutions in the area of creation and storage of digital information resources in cultural and scientific heritage and building the society based on knowledge».

         The first open Coordination meeting was held at the 10th anniversary Conference «EVA - 2007 Moscow» and evoked a great interest. In 2008 there was formed the Coordination Council: 37 public associations, organizations and unions in the area of culture and education joined it, there was conducted the meeting of Coordination Council and were determined the main directions of its activities. At the Conference-2009 there was conducted the third Coordination meeting devoted to the theme: «The role and participation of the Russian cultural public organizations in widening and strengthening the international cooperation in the area of creation and storage of digital information resources in culture».

         Conference is being supported on the annual basis and being actively attended by other cultural institutions and organizations, such as: leading metropolitan and regional museums, libraries and high schools in the area of culture, the Russian Library Association, the Russian branches ICOM and ICOMOS, the IFLA Russian Language Centre, Association on Documentation and Information Technologies (ADIT), and many others. Support of professional communities allows, in spite of various difficulties and obstacles, to conduct the Conference on the annual basis and consequently get to creation of the Coordination Council.

         One of the priorities of «EVA Moscow» Conferences is interaction between various cultural institutions for exchange of experience in resolving mutual problems in utilization of information and communication technologies, integration of information resources, challenges in standards and metadata, linguistic and information support, and legal issues. Historically at the «EVA Moscow» conferences there were presented mostly the museums of Russia, but in 2009 the number of libraries attended became equal to the number of museums. There is still lack of archives, but in future interaction with archives will expand. Organizers of the conference consider that problems arising in front of museums, libraries and archives in building the information society are similar in general, and are similar in solution approaches. Therefore, most of the conference events and actions are arranged in a way to be interesting and useful to librarians, museum workers and archivists.

         Every year there considerably grows the interest to «EVA Moscow» Conferences, to collaboration between the cultural institutions and the Universities, and primarily the cultural high schools. In 2008 «EVA Moscow» Conference for the first time introduced its brainchild – Students’ subdivision. Students demonstrated their projects, as well as became the co-organizers of Grand «EVA» Conference. Results of the First International Festival were placed at the site Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Department of multimedia technologies in information systems and in live journal. In 2009 within the frames of «Student`s EVA Moscow» there was conducted the School session. The success of the organizers of the extraordinary «Student`s EVA Moscow» inspired the organizers of other «EVA» conferences.

         The Program of «EVA Moscow» Conference provides for plenary meetings, sessions, panel discussions, seminars, workshops and master-classes, as well as virtual exhibition «Multimedia in Culture, Art and Scholarship». The working languages of the conference are: Russian and English. The simultaneous translation at the key events of «EVA Moscow» will be provided.

         The Organizing Committee of the Conference wishes to the participants the interesting meetings, contacts and discussions. To become the participant, please, register at the Conference website.

         The deadline for on-line registration at the website of «EVA Moscow» Conference is October 3rd, 2012; the deadline for submission of paper abstracts is September 26th, 2012.


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