Joint International scientific and practical conference
“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Russain State Library
Russian State Library
Russian association of digital libraries
Russian association of digital libraries
European Union
European Commission
PIK Centre
PIK Centre
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation


EVA in the world

         The history of «EVA» International interdisciplinary conferences (Electronic Imaging, the Visual Arts & Beyond) started in 1990 with the first conference at the Imperial College in London (Great Britain). Upon the decision of the European Commission - the executive body of the European Union (EU) – there started the budgeting of scientific and research projects on the development of new technologies in the area of culture, including VASARI project (VASARI Enterprises). James Hemsley, Kirk Martinez and Anthony Hamber became the founders and organizers of the conference. Nowadays the annual «EVA London» conference is named «Grand EVA».

         At the beginning of 1990-es «EVA» conferences were held in the States-members of the European Union: in Great Britain, Italy, Germany. In 1998 the Conference for the first time left the borders of the Western Europe and was held in Gifu town (Honshu Island, Japan), where it collected over 1000 participants. Then, in October 1998, the Centre on the Problems of informatisation in the Sphere of Culture (PIC Centre) organized the first international «EVA» conference in Moscow, which was held at the State Tretyakov Gallery. During the next years the «EVA» Conference visited the American continent: California, New-York, Texas, Montreal hosted the international conference on the problems of Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts. In 2002 the local «EVA» conferences were for the first time held in Beijing (China) within the frames of EURO-CHINA forum and in Kiev (Ukraine).

         The «EVA» Conferences during the years of its existence were held in the following places: Athens, Brussels, Warsaw, Wien, Gifu, Dallas, Delhi, Glasgow, Harvard, Israel, Kiev, California, Cambridge (both: in Great Britain, and in the U.S.), Laval, London, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, New-York, Paris, Beijing, Prague, Texas, Thessaloniki, Florence, Edinburgh.

         Nowadays there are annually held several major conferences in different countries of the world, including Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy and Russia.

         «EVA» Conference, no matter in what country it is held, - is a universal ground for the people interested or working in the area of new technologies in visualization of information in Arts, music, dance, theatre and science, to share their experience in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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