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November 19 - 22, 2013


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Visit the Exhibition Closed ... Show!

Nol Lev

Centennial Museum, a virtual exhibition, multimedia technology

Dubrovskaya Julia
Opredelenov Vladimir

Visit the exhibition closed ... show !

In 2012, the National Museum of Fine Arts. AS Pushkin's celebrated the centenary of the discovery. This event was widely celebrated as a cultural community in this country and abroad. One of the key commemorative events was the exhibition " 100 years of the Pushkin Museum ", which was presented to all the historical path of the museum - from its creation to the present day. The Museum has decided to implement a project that allows anyone with an internet , plunge into the virtual space of the Museum's halls and after the exhibition
The project was conceived and implemented by the staff of the Museum of employees and the company " EPOS Group ", today virtual exhibition is available on the website at www.100.arts-museum.ru /site.
The site structure includes the following sections : Home , About the exhibition , Virtual Tour , Congratulations , Media. Virtual Tour , which is mentioned in the publication covers all exhibition space . Visitor virtual exhibition can use the same technological opportunities that have been provided real visitors: refer to the help kiosks at exhibitions of the Museum during the period from 1912 to 2012. ; watch videos that tell about the different activities of the Museum (archeology , restoration, promotion , etc.). In the demonstration areas , organized in White Hall , visitor can see eight movies that illustrate the individual stages of the history of the museum.
Thus, the project presents the possibility to submit a phenomenon of the past:
to preserve and visualize the viewer ( and listener ) unique events in the Russian and international cultural life.

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