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November 19 - 22, 2013


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Destiny of a Book in the Visual Epoch

Drikker Alexander

evolution, book, library, the verbal channel, visual perception

Destiny of a book in a visual epoch
Alexander Drikker
The S-Petersburg State university
The near future of a book in actual culture is obvious enough. There are too numerous the convincing evidences that the book as "corporal" object, which differs the smell, form, color of book-cover, font, a book without which would not be neither modern education or city, nor science or computer, nor representation about human rights or humanism, does not more have a place in a democratic digital society. What the similar significant phenomenon means: approach of the next period of barbarity, a casual zigzag of progress or plot of dark forces, a celebration of the consumption society or the dematerialization beginning? Serious and steady processes compel to search the deep laws for explanation.
In the making the person (cultural creature) two ways of perception (visual and verbal) have a main role. In 20-th century the verbal book culture of New time opens unprecedented opportunities for creation, transformations, transmissions of images and, thus, for creation of new visual languages and texts. The stage of the culture becoming is always connected with simplification, similar, for example, to transition from oral culture to written culture, and with unconditional prospects.
The society democratization and the development of polygraphic, multiplying digital technics, of mass-media have conducted to the evident inflation of a printed word and of a book. A logical result of this process (rather painful for representatives of "traditional" culture) is the removal of the book from a proscenium of the modern culture. However the transformation of a book into a rarity contain also a positive. The material and spiritual values of a book (in its habitual or updated form) will become apparent without doubt. But the role and place of a book and together with it a libraries (what the author assumes to discuss) in new conditions will certainly change.

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