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November 19 - 22, 2013


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Problems of Сhoice. Multimedia Technologies for Museums: the ratio of supply and demand

Mitroshenkova Lada

Multimedia, museum, resources and tools, common sense, the supply and demand

Number of firms and campaigns, offering their services to museums for technology development in key areas of activity , growing faster and faster, and harder to figure out who should get preference , and on what basis to deny competitors. the problem of defining priorities when choosing a partner to solve pressing problems and the development of new forms of activity insistently arises before the museum staff. Particularly difficult is the choice when the services offered tempting free or shareware free. Help, as always, comes the common sense and prioritization. Goal, though not justify, but it is clearly denote a set of necessary funds. Ascertaining the ratio desired results with the available resources and means (R -M- balance ) - get the frame that only remains to verify the parameters of prospective partners . As examples we can cite facts from the experience of museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino last three years.

Section "ICT in Museums"

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