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Project of the Republic Cognitive and Entertainment Newspaper about Books and Reading for Children and Adolescents ‘Strana Chitalia’ (Country of Reading)

Zhurba Anna

Khakass the RBP Country Читалия, Children's newspaper, books and reading, the young correspondents

Lomov Olga Valerievna, Deputy Director of the SBIC PX "Khakass the RBP"

The newspaper «Country Читалия» has become a brand of the Khakass the RBP initiating establishment of new state symbols of the library, the opening of the official site «the Country Читалия, and the development of the own program of development of the Khakass the RBP «Country Читалия».
Cognitive-entertainment newspaper «Country Читалия» gives an opportunity to engage in creative activities of children from the most remote corners of the country, gives a chance to the young poets, artists, reporters to publish their literary and artistic masterpieces, to share books experiences with your peers.
Authors of the majority of materials «of the Country Читалии»newspaper, published not in school, in the library are the children themselves, and, in the creative process involved users not one single library, and the children and adolescents of all cities and districts of the Republic of Khakassia.
Each room Countries Читалии» has its own theme, and the corresponding design realization.
The newspaper is available in several formats: a printed, audio and electronic, to reach the maximum number of users, presented in a user-friendly design: it can be read in the library, browsing the traditionally printed page, you can listen to the audio version, read a newspaper on a computer screen, BookReader or any other mobile reader.
«The country Читалия» is absolutely free for its readers, and, therefore, accessible to anyone.
A new round of development of the newspaper received with access in the Internet space on the pages of official site of the Khakass the RBP. In addition to the column where you can read or download all issues of «Country Читалии», each section of the site contains the creative works of children and youth in the country.
Common work in the newspaper brings together children regardless of age and interests. «The country Читалия» is the center of a wide range of informal communication about the book and reading, which, besides children, join and adults: librarians, parents, teachers, professional journalists. Thus, the newspaper goes beyond a simple library books for children, becoming a tool not only in reading promotion and development of social skills in children and adolescents, the means of forming public opinion and education

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