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November 19 - 22, 2013


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Longevity Estimation of Data Recorded on Discs with Metal-Сeramic Layer (DTD)

Podgornaya Natalia

Longevity of information on the compact disc

Dobrusina S.A.
Tsitovich V.M.
Efimov D.A.

Longevity of information on the compact discs with metal-ceramic recording layer (DTD — Data Trezor Disc) was investigated in the processes of artificial thermo-humid and light ageing at the Federal Centre for Document Conservation of the National Library of Russia. On the DTD organic materials of the recording layer are substituted for innovation non organic metal-ceramic materials applied according to the technology of multiple-station plasma spraying.
During testing we used the following soft wear support: Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.51, DVD InfoPro 4.59 and KProbe 22.5.2.
The results of this investigation allowed to state that the service properties of compact discs with metal-ceramic layer (DTD) with recorded information were maintained in full measure, i. e. the information recorded on discs was full preserved after the action of environmental factors: temperature, relative air humidity and light. At that the investigation showed that the durability of DTD with metal-ceramic recording layer significantly exceeded the durability of “classic” DVD.

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