Joint International scientific and practical conference
“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Russain State Library
Russian State Library
Russian association of digital libraries
Russian association of digital libraries
European Union
European Commission
PIK Centre
PIK Centre
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation

List of reports (97)

  1. Interfaces and Services for Digital Representation of Rare Books Collections
  2. Internet and Socio-Cultural Transformations
  3. Internet as a Factor of Cultural Evolution
  4. IZI.travel. Simple and Free and Chargeless Solution for Audioguide development
  5. Legal aspects of electronic content access in libraries
  6. Libraries and Museums: New Forms and Methods to attract the Youth
  7. Library as a Cultural, Informational and Educational Centre for Local Communities
  8. Library Information Resources and intellectual property rights
  9. Longevity Estimation of Data Recorded on Discs with Metal-Сeramic Layer (DTD)
  10. Massive Open Online Courses: possibilities for the culture sphere
  11. Media and Information Literacy as a Priority number one
  12. Mobile Site of a Museum
  13. Multimedia on Cultural Tourism in ADIT Activities
  14. Multispectral Imaging for Research and Representation of Folk Art
  15. Museum Exposition in the age of Digital Technologies
  16. Museum in the Digital Age. Results and prospects
  17. Natural History Museum of the Academy of Sciences - priorities in historical perspective
  18. Network Information Resources Centers for the Study of the Presidency
  19. New Chances for Researchers. A view of the Boris Pasternak's poetic manner from the Bell Tower
  20. New Generation of Audioguides as a means of breaking barriers between a visitor and a museum
  21. New Technologies and Opportunities for Education Process: Quality Indicators and Digital Library Practice on IPRbooks
  22. Newsletter as a Marketing Tool to Engage Audience
  23. Omeka as a Tool for Research Digital Library
  24. On Culture in a world-wide Information Society: from ‘Multimedia Access to Europe’s Cultural Heritage to eCulture
  25. On the Changes in the Federal Law "Museum Collections of the Russian Federation and Museums in Russian Federation № 54-ФЗ"
  26. On the Formation of the Digitization Terminology
  27. Open Access to Information and Library Resources for Science and Education
  28. Presentation of the "Library Night" project
  29. Presentation of the competition "Changing Museum in a Changing World"
  30. Problems and Prospects of Integration of Web-resources and Library Collections : poster report
  31. Problems of Сhoice. Multimedia Technologies for Museums: the ratio of supply and demand
  32. Program Realization of Interactive Educational Resources in the Education and Information Sphere (Textbook Model ‘Music Culture of the North Asia People)
  33. Programme Platform for Development of the System of Sites for State and Municipal Institutions
  34. Project "All of Tolstoy in One Click". Cultural Heritage to be digitised by volunteers
  35. Project Activity of the Library as Cultural Environment of Professional Community
  36. Project of the Republic Cognitive and Entertainment Newspaper about Books and Reading for Children and Adolescents ‘Strana Chitalia’ (Country of Reading)
  37. Publication Systems for the Authors of Modern Literature in Internet
  38. Research Subdivisions of the RSL and the Youth. Ways of interaction
  39. RNPLS&T Novelty Solutions for Digital Libraries Development
  40. RSL Internet Shop of Services as a New Stage of the Library Development

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