Joint International scientific and practical conference
“Digital Century of Culture” and “EVA 2013 Moscow”

November 19 - 22, 2013


Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Russain State Library
Russian State Library
Russian association of digital libraries
Russian association of digital libraries
European Union
European Commission
PIK Centre
PIK Centre
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation
Interregional Center of Library Cooperation

List of reports (97)

  1. Russian Content in Europeana
  2. Scientific Search. Prospective Instrument for Researchers
  3. Search of Cartography Materials. Integration of Library and Geoportal Technologies
  4. Site of National library of Republic Sakha (Yakutia): occurrence, modern status and prospects of development.
  5. Technologies of Constructing the Future as a methodology for the Humanities
  6. The Great Solovetsky Islands Landscape in the past: a Possible Relation with Stone Labirinths
  7. The history of the Slavic immigration in the United States: the Italian-American project of electronic database
  8. The Human Subject of the XX1 century on the Planes of Cyberspace: Unlimited Possibilities and New Dangers
  9. The Lesson we Learned
  10. The National Digital Library
  11. Thomson Reuters New Proposals for Science and Education
  12. UNESCO Project "Museum Management - XXI century"
  13. Video interview with Alexander Dremaylov, the Head of IT department at the State Historical Museum
  14. Virtual Book Exhibitions in Libraries. New forms of organization
  15. Visit the Exhibition Closed ... Show!
  16. Welcome speech
  17. What does a Virtual Visitor look for at the Museum Site

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